I’ve taken a low-wage, part-time summer job, to keep monkey mind occupied while I wait for my clients to return from summers in Saint Bart and cabins by lakes somewhere north of here. Anywhere but south Florida in July/August.

Meanwhile, I’ve been promoted to the next level at work, given a raise and offered a management position already. After only thirty days on the job. This is what happens when we take jobs we are over-qualified for.

But the ego high is the same for me. Everyone thinks I am so amazing. And it’s been so long since I received positive strokes for my work. Part of me wants to drop everything and succumb to the lure of the full-time package: insurance, vacation time, etc.

But, I would be giving up on my business. And maybe for the last time.

There are so many problems at this organization. Monkey mind and ego say “This is a perfect challenge. We can FIX THIS!” But, inside I know it’s a broken wheel and the issues run deeper than what would be under by control as a middle-manager.

For now though, I am bringing in grocery and gas money. While I wait for a sign.