Feeling feverish, and more than a little drunk, I text Sam then flick on the TV while I wait. The intense colors wash across the screen in a blur. Too many voices talking at once. I mute the volume.

I flip  John’s business card over in my palm to notice a hand-written note on the back side.  “Discreetly at your service” and a cell phone number. Despite my inebriation, or maybe because of it, the notion suddenly dawns on me that I am being hustled.

I’ve never paid for sex and I don’t plan to start now. Do I seem like that woman?

Sam’s reply finally comes after what seems like half an hour.

“It’s late, Stacey.”

“Please” I text back. “I need to see you. I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Finally, he replies.

“I can only  stay for a few minutes.”


I meet him downstairs in the parking lot. He is leaning against the hood of his car.


“I’m so glad you came…” I murmur, against the thump of his heartbeat. Resting my head on his chest. Breathing him in.


He lifts my chin gently with his thumb and forefinger, bringing my eyes to meet his. Our lips meet, finally—and I am awash with pleasure.


“I wish I could stay, you know I do. But…”

“Can’t you come for half an hour?”

“Stacey, seriously. I shouldn’t even be here…”

I press his body aggressively against the door of the car, leaning into his strength as we kiss passionately—oblivious to the occasional passerby. The flood of my arousal compels me to wrap a thigh around his, bringing him in even closer to my heat.


I  brush the front of his trousers with the back of my hand, reveling in the prominence I find there– eager for attention. I pass over again, savoring the promise, feeling the throb of my own anticipation.


“Get in the car.” His words sound like a command.


I comply with giddy immediacy—snapping the passenger door closed and wedging my hand between for the seatbelt.


“You don’t need that…”


He pulls me onto his lap, pushing up the thin fabric of my skirt,  aligning my hips with his. The flannel of his trousers damp with my arousal. We kiss again, this time with abandon, as I reach down and release the seat back.


He reclines easily and reaches for the zipper of my dress, pulling it down hungrily.


Pushing his hands away, I roll the bodice down, exposing my bare breasts, bruised deep-pink with excitement. His hands return–this time with tenderness, as he caresses my overheated skin.


My body hovers over his now as his hands move to play between my thighs.  He  groans raggedly into my mouth, thrusting his pelvis  against mine. He wants to be inside me. But not yet.


He sighs with relief as I unzip his fly and grasp him in my hand, soothing the burning flesh  lightly with the tips of my fingers.


I move my body down between his legs until my bare knees scrape the  floorboard.


Moonlight streams through the tinted car window and our eyes meet again, locking our expressions of dazed passion. His hands tangle in my hair and he smiles with an amused disbelief.


“You are incredible, Stacey.”


To be continued…