And then he is in my mouth–my tongue and my lips wrapped hot and tight.  I take him deeper. As deep as he will go. Saliva pools in his lap while my hand squeezes slippery strokes in between, his groans accompanying my efforts like strange and exquisite music.

“Stacey! I’m gonna…oh my Godddd…..”

I pull my mouth off with a wet sucking sound and in one swift motion I am on top again. He grabs my hips in both hands, blocking my move to engulf him with my overheated cunt.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I cover his mouth with mine. No more talking.

“Ughhh!” We both moan loudly as I slide down in one slick stroke, locking his pelvis flush with mine, engaging him deep inside my slippery heat. I rise up again and back down, faster this time. And again.

His strong fingers press into the flesh of my buttocks, urging me on. More! harder! With uncompromising authority he takes over, driving me down hard again and again. I surrender control as he tosses me up and down like a rag doll with the force of his strong thighs slapping against my ass  again and again.

I gasp for air as my orgasm sends sparks and splinters of electricity from deep inside my belly, radiating out in waves. I shudder and shake involuntarily– the pulsating contractions seem to crack my body wide open against his.


My body stiffens, then goes slack as I collapse against his neck, exhausted.

He opens the car door.

“Get out.”


The parking lot is dark and deserted. It must be three or four in the morning. But still. There is a chance we can be seen.

“Come on…”

He climbs out of the car and helps me around to the front, laying me flat on my back against the warm hood. Spreading my legs wide, he hooks his arms underneath and enters, driving all the way. To the hilt.

He feels so good inside me, that I just temporarily lose my mind. But, somewhere there is an inner voice saying “Oh, my God. Someone might see us. What if we get arrested…”

“Now, I’m on top!” He grunts, pulling out, and thrusting again, pounding my ass against the glossy steel. His strokes are hard and come quickly. I can hardly breathe with the excitement and fear of being caught out here in public. I see stars, literally when I look up at the dark sky, softly fading to dawn. Feel the cool light breeze drifting over the dew.

“Not inside, right??” He gasps, close to coming.

“No, it’s okay…” I whisper.


He lurches forward, cock twitching its final throes of climax. The salt of perspiration stings my eyes as he hovers above, breathing hard.

I leave the scene before he comes back from walking around the corner to urinate. And check his phone, no doubt. There may be trouble when he gets home. But that’s not my problem.

I’ll have enough on my plate in a few hours when I return to my real life. To deal, once and for all, with Eric. And what’s left of my marriage.

To be continued…