The Deluge in a Paper Cup

Welcome to My Blog!


This blog includes a collection of completed works and works in progress.

Writing is one of my hobbies and I publish for The Amazon Kindle Store now and then when the spirit moves me.

The poets of my youth were the songwriters and I am greatly inspired by the deeply personal lyrics of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and others in the genre as well as popular music of the  MTV Generation through today.

You will find a hint of this sensibility woven through my writing, because my life has always featured a soundtrack.

Flexibility is key for me, allowing the blog to evolve as it will. Sometimes I feel like writing fiction, sometimes memoir, sometimes poetry. When I get the urge–I go for it!

Unless otherwise noted, all images are my creative works and feature myself as the subject.

Other interests include singing, photography, hand embroidery and mixed media┬ácollage…some of which I will share here as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

The artist writing as Jillian Marks